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I’ve been lazy about updating my website. It’s not that I haven’t been drinking wine. I certainly have.

The past months, I’ve re-configured my web site. For posterity, I have re-archived articles from the past.  As I ploughed through copious notes, the sequence of blogs did not follow a logical time-line.

It is an exciting time. There’s a wine book, “A Year In The Vineyard” in the pipeline. For a couple of years, I’ve been working with wine writer and blogger Sophie Menin on a unique wine/art book. Wine luminary Hugh Johnson has agreed to write an introduction on gardening and the vineyard

Our wine tasting group meets every month or so. Though we have not met in a while. I include comments by the group, because their utterances about wine and other related issues can be astute and insightful. Most often they are not astute and insightful, but I include them anyway! And sometimes, In an over imbibed way, the comments can be funny. We’ve been meeting now for over 15 years. As we age, like a good wine, I cherish the nuances of these friendships.

These gatherings have become highlights in the journey.

Where appropriate I include articles I’ve written for the New England Wine Gazette and other magazines. I comment as honestly as I can about the many wines I am sent to review, and other miscellaneous wine events and tastings I attend.

In a world full of wine blogs, I have decided to curtail the blog indefintely, But if you want see past writings, go to...

BobLibations Wine Blog

Reference my older wine blog pages and older magazine writings here.

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